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Rémy Laurençon is a composer and sound engineer. He works on audiovisual, performing art and recording production.

With more than ten years of eclectic and challenging experience between France and South America, Rémy Laurençon produces original soundtracks for the audio-visual industry (films, advertising,…), performing art (theater, danse,…) and events.

Also artistic director and producer, he puts his knowledge and expertise at the service of other artists for the realization of their music.

Production Ref:

Louboutin, National Danse Company of Ecuador (EC), Sharjah Light Festival (Dubaï), Diesel,

Helios Festival Avignon (FR), Haagen Dazs, LunaFestival (New Orleans USA),

International Light Festival Quito (EC), Sion Light Show (Swiss), INPES, Orangina,

NGC25 & DARTES (FR/COL),TEVA, Decathlon, Garnier, Light Move Festival (Pol), …

Mix Ref : 

Tcheka, Emma Lamadji, Mateo Kingman, Paola Navarete, Miel, Lewca, Fievre, Mar The Bratz, Minino Guto, 

Wañukta Tonic, EVHA, Yarina, Nilok4tet & Daniel Zimmermann, Tobrogoï,…

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